What the funds go toward

GOAL Budget




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Even More Details!

DEVELOPMENT – Legal fees, contract setup for all cast/crew, casting company, script clearance & rights clearance (rights for any lovely 90s references we are trying to show),


CAST – Our cast members, from lead roles to one-liners! Using SAG-AFTRA union actors, and therefore paying union rates and the union’s Pension fees.


PRODUCTION CREW – This is a big story with a lot of characters, so naturally, we need a lot of crew to help! Line Producer, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Production Designer, Production Assistant, Sound Mixer/Boom Operator and equipment, Makeup/Hair, Wardrobe, and of course – the Camera Department! Which includes the Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Grips, Gaffers, Lighting, Camera Assistants, and all the camera equipment rentals.  


PRODUCTION EXPENSES – All the stuff we need to buy for production! Set décor, props, wardrobe, any makeup/hair purchases, food catering, craft service snacks, location permits, hard drives for footage, script and schedule printouts (if not totally digital), and film liability insurance to cover safety and equipment.


PAYROLL – Basically the payroll taxes and fees! We will have all cast and crew on payroll, and therefore pay a nice little chunk in payroll taxes. 


COVID-19 EXPENSES – Cause yes, it’s still here! This covers all the extra expenses related to COVID-19 safety measures (following SAG-AFTRA requirements). We need to make sure our cast and crew are safe and that we take proper precautions to protect everyone’s health. This includes PPE, sanitizing sets, hiring a COVID Compliance Officer, a testing nurse, and making sure every single person gets tested properly for COVID-19.


POST-PRODUCTION – It takes at least a couple of months (usually more) to edit a feature film. Then it takes even LONGER to do all the other stuff needed. So this covers: Editor, Music Composer, Music Rights Licensing fees, possible Music Supervisor, Audio Editing & Mixing, Sound Effects purchases, Stock Footage purchases, Color Correction, and Closed Captioning.


MARKETING/DISTRIBUTION – Let’s get this film out!! Set Photographer, movie poster, Film Festival fees, marketing & distribution fees, Errors & Omissions insurance required for distribution.